The project step by step

Installing a stretch ceiling is an operation that will cause you a minimum of disruption: no need to move furniture, no dust or smells… and for a result that a coat of paint could never equal!


The EXTENZO® specialist comes out to examine the existing ceiling, and then proposes the best solution as well as the different options possible: colour, finish, integration of lighting, cables, etc. He will then send you a quote as soon as possible.

Plan and measurements

A plan is made of each room. No ceiling shape is too complex, there can be an unlimited number of corners, curved sides and levels. The measurements are taken and sent to the nearest EXTENZO® production site.

Manufacturing of the stretch ceiling

Every stretch ceiling is made to measure: cut-outs and joins are accurate to the millimetre. The standard delivery time is 10 days (excluding printed and other special membranes). This leadtime can be shortened on request and under certain conditions.

Fitting the rails

The peripheral rails are mechanically fastened to the wall or ceiling (screws and plugs, staples). Generally there is no need to move furniture out of the room to install a stretch ceiling.

Fitting the accessories

Next the details are dealt with: posts, columns, integrated spotlights, light fittings and boxes, mechanical ventilation, smoke detectors…

Clean/fast installation

Prior to installation, the stretch ceiling is softened slightly by raising the ambient temperature for the time it takes to fit the anchors into the rail. The stretch ceiling automatically becomes taut as it cools.

Upgradable ceiling

Subsequently, you will always be able to add a light or an alarm system or an extra cable behind the ceiling. The EXTENZO® stretch ceiling can be taken down and put back very easily by your approved dealer thanks to the EASYDECLIC system.