EXTENZO® has a major presence in France, its country of origin, with a network of approved Dealers trained in EXTENZO® technologies. They obtain a certification and are provided with a demonstration showroom.

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CE marking guarantees compliance with European Directives and enables free circulation of materials and products within the Union. Compliance with the standards means we are able to affix the CE marking. EXTENZO® stratch ceilings are :

► Compliant with CE standards
► Manufactured to standard NF EN 14716
► Certified by ASQUAL, inspection certificate 0334 – CPR – 1005
► The installation of EXTENZO® stretch ceilings is regulated by standard DTU 58.2
► Fire behaviour: B-s2,d0 for the great majority of membranes (old M1 category in France and Belgium; B1 in Germany, Class 0 in Great Britain, Class 1 in the USA and Canada). Suede effect membrane classed B-s3,d0
► New membranes are classed B-s1,d0
► Manufacturer’s warranty on membrane assembly and anchor welds
► Emission of volatile organic compounds: air quality A+
► EXTENZO® stretch ceilings meet the requirements of the HQE initiative (high environmental quality)

Attractive spaces that meet all the standards

Children’s bedrooms need to be places where they can feel comfortable and learn to handle space. A printed stretch ceiling will enable you to create a special atmosphere and help to develop your children’s curiosity. You can print illustrations, messages, patterns, landscapes, … The antistatic properties of EXTENZO® stretch ceilings and walls are also an advantage in children’s bedrooms.
Since 2012 in France, a Decree has required sanitary labelling of household equipment. Under this regulation, EXTENZO® stretch ceilings are classed A+, ideal for bedrooms – and any other room in the house.