An original, practical and cost-effective solution

A perfect finish
  • Covers up any defects in the ceiling: cracks, blisters, irregular surfaces
  • Guarantees a smooth, even finish, that makes the space feel bigger
  • Discreet and harmonious integration of lighting , air conditioning, mechanical
    ventilation, …
  • Also allows the pipes, cables etc. to be concealed.
Simplicity itself
  • 100% removable
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Exceptionally easy to maintain
  • Washable with water or recommended cleaning products
  • No painting required
Quickly installed
  • No need to empty the room
  • Made to measure in our factory
  • Quick, clean installation
  • No wet work, no drying time, no dirt, …
  • No dust or rubble
Unrivalled comfort
  • Makes the room more comfortable by creating an insulating cushion of air
  • Possible to add acoustic and/or thermal insulation
  • Heating and air conditioning solutions
Unequalled finishes
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Matt, gloss and satin finishes, backlit, suede effect, metallic versions, …
  • Customised printing


A commitment to quality, a sustainable approach

A cost-effective investment
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Only one tradesman involved
  • Durable, maintenance-free result
  • 100% recyclable and low-energy production process
  • Impressive creative freedom
Unequalled finishes
  • Returns to its initial shape after any accidental deformation (such as water leaks)
  • Quick and easy to take down and refit
  • Moisture-insensitive, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and any other humid environment…