Daylight, the Illuminated Ceiling

The capacity of EXTENZO® Stretch Ceilings to transmit light makes it possible to create remarkable atmospheres, either by using natural daylight, as in the case of a skydome for example, or by using other light sources whose effects can be controlled: variation in intensity, variation in colours, time control or sequencing. From the level and efficient lighting of a doctor’s surgery, an operating theatre to the techno atmosphere of a bar, Daylight says Light.

  • The stretch ceiling, white or coloured, is used as a reflector to diffuse a soft, evenly distributed light
  • Light sources can be integrated into partitions, ceilings and any other EXTENZO® volume to create an attractive illuminated or backlit effect

Integrated light sources with Daylight

The membranes we use transmit light in ways that enable creation of remarkable ambiences. Light boxes with integrated light sources can be used to define spaces or highlight a visual feature (your company’s logo or a photo of your choice, for example). From the efficient, uniform lighting of a doctor’s surgery to a techno ambience in a bar, Daylight is the light you need. Light boxes can be used to create ambiences that you can change to your heart’s content. EXTENZO® provides innovative solutions for private homes, hotels and catering, industry and professional premises. Daylight by EXTENZO® is the best light source diffuser. Extenzo gives you the possibility of using all the latest lighting technologies (LED, colour changing, dimming or light therapy).