An efficient and attractive heating system

Using a unique, patented thermodynamic system that combines heat radiation, convection and air displacement, our energy solutions are a revolution in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The system offers a gentle, even diffusion of the air, warm or cold, without creating unpleasant draughts. This optimised system of diffusion provides superior comfort and extra energy savings of 10% or more in free-cooling mode. It is compatible with all forms of energy, with all types of heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

How it works

1. The warm or cold air arrives between the existing ceiling and the stretch ceiling, forming a cushion of air with a homogeneous temperature, which radiates across the entire surface of the room: the ceiling becomes a huge radiator where every calorie is put to good use!
2. The air is then diffused inside the room, thanks to the calibrated regulators in the profiles. Instead of being concentrated by a noisy and aggressive blower, the air flow is gently diffused via a long, thin and very discreet peripheral opening.
3. The air circulates downwards from the ceiling, at very low speed, along the walls. It cools or warms them up as it passes, so that they in turn can radiate the heat. The air injected gradually mixes with the ambient air, over a large surface, without creating draughts.

Unequalled comfort

›› In air conditioning mode, the difference in temperature between the occupants’ feet and their head is 1°C.In heating mode, it is no more than 1.5°C!
›› Inside the room, the sensation of cool or heat is the same everywhere, with no extremes. The entire surface of the ceiling radiates and the walls radiate over a large part of their height.
›› The air is not blown aggressively through grilles, it moves at low speed.