Guaranteed acoustic comfort

The acoustic quality of a room or space is essential in any professional and leisure contexts: noise reverberation leads to fatigue, difficulty in communicating and spoils the quality of music.
EXTENZO® solutions play on three parameters to re-establish and control the sound quality in a space: the choice of acoustic insulation, its thickness and the type of perforation.

Even without perforations, a stretch ceiling can improve acoustic comfort compared to a conventional ceiling.

How it works

An acoustic stretch ceiling is a standard membrane that has been perforated. The holes calibrated for acoustic purposes are round and generally 0.5 to 1 mm in diameter. The plenum is the space between the existing ceiling and the Stretch Ceiling. This volume is used to absorb the noise by installing acoustic insulation. The acoustic insulation is added to optimise the overall acoustic performance.



The acoustic qualities of a space are fundamental, both in a professional context and in a place intended for relaxation: sound reverberation leads to tiredness, impedes communication and alters the sound qualities of music. Extenzo improves the situation in all cases.
An acoustic ceiling for greater acoustic comfort
Even in standard quality, without perforations, the EXTENZO® Stretch Ceiling improves acoustics compared to rigid surfaces, such as plasterboard. With the calibrated acoustical perforation of EXTENZO® Acoustic Stretch Ceilings and the possible addition of acoustic insulation, absorption is significantly increased. The number and diameter of the holes are decided on a case by case basis, depending on the initial quality of the space and its intended use. All the cloths in the Extenzo range can be used for acoustic ceilings.

The EXTENZO® Acoustic ceiling plays on three parameters to re-establish and regulate the sound quality of a space: the density of the perforations in the stretch ceiling, the choice of acoustic insulation material and its thickness.