The Group

EXTENZO® is a stretch ceiling manufacturer based in Alsace founded by Marie Jeanne and Philippe Ruhlmann over 35 years ago. The company has carved out a large share of the market for itself thanks to its tremendous dynamism and the high quality of its products and services.

A great supporter of the Stretch Ceiling sector, Philippe Ruhlmann is one of the founder members of the SnFpt, the French industry federation. he also helped to create the national Stretch Ceiling Charter, worked on the european Stretch Ceiling standard and also set up the adeppt, the French association of stretch ceiling manufacturers and installers.

It is under the guidance of its current manager, Jean-Philippe Ruhlmann, that EXTENZO® has developed its business in France and on the international market by offering ever more innovative products covered by a succession of patents. he also introduced a number of new values, including sustainable development.


1974 : Manufacturing of the 1st cold stretch ceiling
1977 : 1st hot stretch ceiling: Arrival of the AFC group (Advanced French Ceiling)
1986 : 1st production plant: birth of the EXTENZO® brand
1987 : Filing of the patent for the removable stretch ceiling with locking system and finishing trim
1989 : 1st printed stretch ceiling
1993 : Creation of EXTENZO® Germany
1997 : 2nd EXTENZO® production plant in Russia
2000 : First tests on emissions into the air
2003 : 1st production plant certified ISO 9001: 2000 / Installation of the 1st stretch ceiling including heating and air conditioning
2006 : Installation of the biggest EXTENZO® ceiling yet: 34,000 m2
2007 : 3rd Extenzo® production plant in Algeria
2008 : Creation of EXTENZO® CANADA and USA
2009 : Launch of the Recycling Commitment / Creation of EXTENZO® Italy with Artesa / 4th EXTENZO® production plant in Canada
2010 : Opening of Extenzo Stretch Ceilings Scandinavia in Norway / Opening of Extenzo Stretch Ceilings Asia Ltd in Thailand
2011 : Launch of the Dealers networ
2012 : 25 Dealers in France
2013 : 25 Dealers in Germany
2014 : 5th EXTENZO® production plant in South Africa / Extenzo is present in 50 countries