Presenting the newest micro-perforated stretch ceiling. Even the most elegant of rooms can feel unpleasant when they are difficult to live in. These days the sound quality of our living spaces is very important: To be able to hear yourself think in a room full of people is no longer a luxury. Brighten up your ceilings with different colours, materials and lights, but don’t forget about the acoustic properties – the perforated membrane contains 300,000 holes/m2 with a diameter of +/- 0.15 mm.

Total acoustic comfort in your own home:

Leave that ringing in your ears behind and rediscover peace and quiet: Less noise and a muted environment allow people to live together in harmony.
Entertaining guests or spending the night in with your home cinema? The EXTENZO® micro-perforated stretch ceilings will shield your neighbours from the noise.

An invaluable addition to the workplace:

The rise of coworking and open plan offices has allowed workplaces to adapt to our lifestyles. But working conditions must not be compromised – everyone should be able to focus, use the telephone or simply be protected from inside noises. EXTENZO® micro-perforated stretch ceilings restrict indoor noise from propagating around a room. With or without acoustic insulation, the sound absorption results are remarkable.

zoom micro perforation extenzo

  • Available in various colours and finishes
  • Installation of a micro-perforated membrane with
  • Installation of a micro-perforated membrane to decorate a room.