Wall by EXTENZO®

Cover your wall with Wall by EXTENZO®

Insulating and decorative, Wall by EXTENZO® combines technical qualities with decorative solutions. The visuals or patterns for your interior decoration can be printed by dye-sublimation or a transfer a process onto a 100% polyester membrane.

The advantages of the product

ATTRACTIVENESS / The possible variations are endless (photos or geometrical patterns). The only limit is your imagination.
INTEGRATION / For a ceiling or wall, choose a print that blends in perfectly with your decoration.
BACKLIGHTING / Backlighting with strips of LEDs reinforces the contrast and gives your printed walls and ceiling an exceptional finish.
CREATIVITY / Digital images can be personalised. All types of effects are possible.

The characteristics of the product

STRETCH CEILING / The same stretch ceiling is used for all our projects. The installation techniques are exactly the same.
LARGE FORMAT PRINTING / We work with printing professionals who use the most advanced techniques to print large formats.