Description of the product

The dining room is a convivial part of a home and often has a particular atmosphere created by its furnshings or colour scheme: the EXTENZO® colour chart includes over a hundred shades. And as time goes by, to keep up with the trends and designers’ latest inspirations, it is regularly enriched with new shades.

Numerous possible finishes and colours

Give your bedroom the atmosphere of your choice thanks to numerous finish and colour options. And if you are planning to create a dressing room, EXTENZO® stretch ceilings can be used to create a harmonious separation and decoration of the spaces. Calm and serenity are guaranteed with EXTENZO® stretch ceilings as they can be combined with insulation to provide additional soundproofing.

From immaculate matt white to shiny, flashy fuchsia

Create a calm atmosphere, make a space more dynamic, dare to go for colour, create a personalised decor, make hearts beat faster… everything is a matter of colour, materials, design, atmosphere.

White or colour ?
The EXTENZO® range includes over a hundred shades of white and other colours. Following the trends and fashion as well as the wishes of designers, the range is regularly updated with new colours.

Matt or gloss finish, or a smooth satin…
Matt is neutral, a gloss finish increases the impression of space, a satin finish softens, the suede effect brings things nearer… choosing a finish wisely is essential to a project’s success.

Printed and personalized decors
A logo, a baroque fresco, a sunset? The technique is the same: precise, infallible, impressive. From a high-resolution image file (pictures, drawings, paintings, texts…), EXTENZO® can print Stretch Ceilings one by one.